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Dott.ssa Komal Florio



Valerio Basile
Prof.ssa Viviana Patti

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Research activities

Research activity

I am a PhD Student  at the second year and my current research activity lies at the intersection of traditional NLP for sentiment analysis, social media mining and statistical analysis for demography. More specifically I aim to use NLP techniques, combined with statistical analysis to detect and describe hate speech phenomena on Social Media in Italy, with a focus on immigration and immigrants integration issues.

My focus for the first year were

  • manual annotation of linguistic data
  • design, evaluation and optimization of crowdsourced annotation tasks for highly subjective tasks in linguistic data annotation

For my second year my research topic include

  • disagreement measures for highly subjective crowdsourced annotation tasks in linguistic data annotation
  • optimization of demographic indicator  for the measurement of  immigration integration in Italy

Conferences, PhD Schools

During my first year as a PhD Candidate I attended the followings:


  • CLiC-it 2017,  4th Italian conference of computational linguistics. Rome, 11-13 Dec 2017
  • BISS 2018 . "Provable Security for low level execution platform".Bertinoro, 13 - 16 march 2018
  • WebSci’18, 10th ACM Conference on Web Science. Amsterdam, 27 - 30th May 2018
  • Lipari school on Computational Complex and Social Systems. "From swarm intelligence to digital democracy: new tools for a complex society". Lipari, 19-25 July 2018
  • AI-DLDA: International Summer School on Artificial Intelligence. Udine, June 2018




K. Florio, "Cyber hate against immigrants: an Italian case",in Proceedings of the 2018 ACM on Web Science Conference (WebSci’18).ACM , New York, NY, USA.


Invited Talks

In May 2018 I was invited to present my paper“Cyber hate against immigrants: an Italian case” and a related poster at the PhD symposium co-located with WebSci’18 in Amsterdam.

Other Activities

In October 2018 I served as local volunteer at CIKM 2018 "From Big Data and Big Information to Big Knowledge"

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