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The call for applications for the academic year 2020/21 is now closed. The PhD program started on 1 October 2020.

The list of research topics is detailed here.

Application procedure

All the latest  information regarding deadlinesrulesnumber of positions for the admission to our PhD program visit the following links:

For a practical guide to the selection process refer to "how to apply for PhD programmes".

On the basis of past experience, the Committee for the Ph.D. Program in Computer Science
believes that the admission test has to achieve two main goals:
- evaluate the attitude and the potential of the candidate in carrying on research based on CV and project proposal
- test the competence of the candidate in a number of areas of Computer Science.

Research proposal

The admission is based on the evaluation of the candidate's CV, reference letters, academic and research achivements, proposed research project and interview.

The research project must be proposed selecting one of the titles offerend in upcoming academic year. The computer science background and research attidute will be evaluted also with an interview that may be taken remotely, via video conferencing.



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