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The PhD Program in Computer Science

Admission is now open: application deadline April 16, 2019


Since 1982 the Dipartimento di Informatica of the Università di Torino has been active in promoting and organizing a Ph.D. program in Computer Science at the Università di Torino. 
Since 1999 the Ph.D. program in Computer Science is run in conjunction with the Dipartimento di Informatica of the Università del Piemonte Orientale.
Since 2006 The Ph.D. program in computer Science is organized within the Doctoral School on "Science and Innovative Technologies " of Università di Torino. 

The goal of the Ph.D. program is to provide Ph.D. students with a solid knowledge and understanding of different areas of Computer Science and with the ability to perform state-of-the-art research in one of the areas that are active at the Università di Torino and Piemonte Orientale, with particular emphasis on (list in alphabetic order):

  • Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction;
  • Computer Systems and Networks;
  • Data Base, Information Systems and Software Engineering;
  • Formal Methods in Computer Science;
  • Image Processing and Virtual Reality.

In order to fulfil this goal, the Ph.D. program is organized according to these main characteristics:

Graduate courses. The Ph.D. program requires Ph.D. students to attend graduate courses (and take exams) offered directly by the Dipartimento di Informatica and by national and international schools, in particular the "Bertinoro International Summer School for graduate studies in Computer Science" (jointly organized by the Ph.D. programs of a number of universities, among them, the Università di Torino) and the "Chambery - Torino Graduate Summer School". 

Joint research activity between the members of the Department and the Ph.D. students in projects of national interest and/or in international projects. The strong cooperation between members of the Department and the Ph.D. students is witnessed by many co-authored papers. The success of the Ph.D. Program in Computer Science is also shown by the high number of former Ph.D. students who have academic positions in Italy or in foreign countries. 

Attention to applied research and co-operation with industry and research centers. 

International contacts. The Dipartimenti di Informatica at University of Torino and Piemonte Orientale offer a wide range of international contacts via projects supported at an international level. Moreover, the Ph.D. students are encouraged to spend some months for visiting a foreign university or research center. A number of formal agreements exist with other universities: Universitè de Savoie (Chambery, France), University of Birmingham (UK), University of Novi Sad (Yugoslavia), Universitè de Paris VI (France), Universitè Paris Dauphine. Some of these agreements concern Ph.D. theses in "co-tutele"


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